Loading, Unloading, Shifting & Dismantling

Shree Manglam Powertech Pvt. Ltd has its own team of Loading, Unloading, Shifting and Dismantling with expertise to take Turnkey Facility Relocations. If what you need to move is too heavy or too delicate to move yourself we will do it for you. We pick up, move and install equipment safely inside or outside of plants. Our team have the right tools / tackles, experience, protective gear, and safety training to do such activities. We treat what we move as if it were our own, using the latest in technology, to move it more efficiently and effectively.

Turnkey Facility Relocation & Complete Installation:

  • Unloading / loading of Heavy & Critical Industrial Equipments.
  • Disconnection / Disassembly of Industrial Equipments.
  • Shifting & Erection of these Heavy / Light, Critical, Single & Process Equipments and set-up from -
    • One shop floor to other
    • One factory site to other
    • One province / state to other state
    • Reconnection / Assembly of Industrial Equipments.
    • Installation till complete commissioning.
    • Skilled Technical Manpower Support for complete handover.

    For Safety Considerations:

    • While loading and unloading, should one has taken care of heavy equipment’s.
    • Obtain portable lights if necessary to ensure the interior of the truck/trailer is well lighted and visible during loading and unloading operations.
    • Shrink-wrap palletized loads to prevent the loads from shifting during movement.
    • Never drive a forklift into an elevator unless trained to do so and the elevator is rated for the load (this includes the weight of the driver, the forklift, and the load on the forklift).

    Undertake Complete Industrial Plant Shifting:

    Shree Manglam Powertech Pvt. Ltd has enormous capabilities to undertake complete Industrial Plant shifting to one location to another.

    Firstly dismantling process started with removing connections as per existing layout of plant, safely loading into heavy vehicles, unloading in preferred location with prior conditions with equipments, at the time of assembly/Installation positioning of equipments shall be required along with layout.

    Client satisfaction shall be needed at the time of Commissioning and handover with proper documentations. We have our Technical qualified teams to approach critical/partially critical projects and sufficient machineries to suitable undertake the project.

    Our Expertise is in highly professional to deal with client for successful handover of project.