Electrical Distribution and Equipment

Electrical Distribution and Equipment

An electrical electrical distribution system is a series of electrical circuits that delivers power in the proper proportion to homes, commercial businesses and industrial facilities. Regardless of the size and applications, the ultimate goal remains universal: the economic and safe delivery of adequate electric power to electrical equipment. Distribution feeder circuits usually consist of overhead and underground circuits in a mix of branching laterals from the station to the various customers. The circuit is designed around various requirements such as required peak load, voltage, distance to customers, and other local conditions such as terrain, visual regulations, or customer requirements.

The primary purpose of an electricity distribution system is to meet the customer’s demands for energy after receiving the bulk electrical energy from transmission or sub transmission substation. There are basically two major types of distribution substations: primary substation and customer substation. The primary substation serves as a load center and the customer substation interfaces to the low voltage (LV) network. Customer substation is referred to a distribution room normally provided by the customer. The distribution room can accommodate a number of HV switchgear panel and the transformer to enable LV connection to the customer incoming switchboard.

Distribution system comprising of following major components:

  • Transformers
  • Busbars
  • Switchgears
  • Outcoming feeders
  • Switches, Fuses & Breakers
  • Surge Voltage Protection
  • Grounding

Benefits of HV Distribution System:

  • Unauthorized hooking of loads will be prevented.
  • Reduced KVA capacity results negligible voltage drop on LV lines and hence improves the voltage profile
  • A capacitive load (Power factor > 0.95) of single-phase motors contributes lesser energy loss.
  • Reduces breaker trip at the substation.
  • Its initial capital cost is higher but overall cost & benefit of the system is economical.
  • Increases efficiency of the electric supply system.

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