Electrical Installation HT/LT System

Electrical Installation HT/LT System

Shree Manglam Powertech Pvt. Ltd has vast experience in HT & LT complete installation system and providing competitive solution to clients. Always ready to serve 24x7.Analysing client requirements and select HT & LT Equipments based on load specification. As we know, changes in current scenario of competition in market and very well known about Electric Power is the main source of our daily life activity and use of Electric Power is increasing every day in the world. Electricity is being generated through various sources i.e. thermal, hydro, nuclear, solar etc. but its transmission, distribution and utilization is almost everywhere in the world. Consequently, trained manpower is very much required at every level for electrical distribution.

In view of the above, to develop such type of skilled manpower; to meet the demand of the time and industry, person should be trained for the actual need i.e. he should be able to know the all major HT, LT Equipments like motor, generator, substations, transmission through over head lines and underground cable. Fault finding of these machines, repairing and maintenance.

HT and LT Substations and associated equipment used in substation. Classification of distribution system-AC distribution, Overhead v/s underground distribution system. DC transmission system including HVDC. Essential features of switchgears. Isolator, Switch gear Equipments, bus-bar arrangement, classified faults in power system and their maintenance. Introduction to Grid.

Assessment Guidelines:

  • Good skill levels in the use of hand tools, machine tools and workshop equipment
  • Many tolerances while undertaking different work are in line with those demanded by the component/job.
  • A fairly good level of neatness and consistency in the finish
  • Occasional support in completing the project/job.
  • Inspection of Work & Quality Maintenance:Inspection to be done as per IS Standards and maintaining quality work force with Health, Safety & Environment thought keep in mind. Proper supervision to be carried out for betterment and fulfilment criteria as per norms and client requirement.

Planning of Electrical Installations:

The design and planning of Electrical Installation involve considerations of all prevailing conditions and taking care of safety measures while erecting HT/LT Equipments.