Panel Design & Assembly Services

Manglam Power Syndicate is a new generation professionally managed engineering organization with dedicated team having in depth knowledge of designing, assembling and installation of all type of LT & HT Electrical Control Panel and also undertake their Annual Maintenance Contract.

Established by Engineering professionals with experience of 25 years in the field of electrical turnkey projects and has earned itself a distinguished reputation within industry for its innovative product design, unmatched quality, prompt Delivery & After Sales Service.

Product Range

LV Switchboards up to 1000V,6300A Rating (Fixed & Draw out)

provides 99% of the components you require to build control panels that meet the needs of your customers. Our broad selection of components and complete technical support allows you to deliver quickly and efficiently.

MV Switchboards up to 33KV*

electrical panels / switchboards provide industry-leading performance. Offering advanced protection, fault protection and seamless integration with energy management and control systems. Our broad selection of components and complete technical support allows you to deliver quickly and efficiently for you and your customers.

Bus Ducts

  • Non segregated Phase Bus ductup to 1100V, 6300A Rating
  • Segregated Bus duct up to 33KV, 6300A rating
  • Rising Main & Bus Trunking

Control & Relay Panels

A control & relay panel is designed to provide to control the associated line or transformer through outdoor switchgear at various 11KV and 33KV zonal substations. The control & Relay panels are complete in themselves with all main and auxiliary relays, annunciation relay, fuses, links, switches, wiring, labels, terminal blocks, earthing terminals, base frame, foundation bolts, illumination, cable glands etc. These panels are used for the control & monitoring of electrical equipment's such as transformers, generators and circuit breakers.

DG AMF & Synchronising Panels

Our range of AMF and DG Synchronizing Panel are manufactured by using high quality raw materials. These AMF and DG Synchronizing Panel can be availed from us at the industry leading prices. These panels synchronize the different DG sets as per the load requirement of the system. If the load increases, it switches on the other DG sets on by one and synchronizes with the system automatically through PLC (Panel Logic Control) and when the load decreases below the desired level, it automatically disconnects the DG sets one by one and switches off as per the load requirement

APFCR Panels

APFC panel products are fully automatic in operation and can be used to achieve: Consistently high power factor under fluctuating load conditions Reduced kVA demand charges Lower energy consumption in the installation by reducing losses Preventive leading power factor in an installation l Elimination of low power factor penalty levied by electrical supply authorities

Lighting Distribution Boards Junction Boxes

Lighting Panel products represents the high level of engineering innovation expected from Siemens. With flexibility and strength added to the existing rugged and durable panelboard family.

DC Distribution Boards

DC Distribution panels, popularly known as DCDB, are designed to cater DC power to various load panels deployed in a plant.

AC Drive

  • We check the motor drive and terminals for substandard connections which can be caused by anything from heat cycles and mechanical vibration to reusing or over-tightening torque screws.
  • We conduct diode and IGBT tests on the input/output power sections before applying power to the drive unit. This is to protect against further damage from a short.
  • We power up the unit and perform amp readings and output frequency tests, slowly increasing the voltage until the rated input voltage of the drive is reached.
  • If everything functions properly, we use the drive to run a motor through basic jog functions after backing up existing programs. If the motor does not run, we check the output voltages and current ratings going to the motor to check drive function for motor rotation.

Soft Starter

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the soft-starter to start and stop an electric motor smoothly.