How MPS Add Value

With inflationary pressures such as increases in materials costs on EPC projects, the need to develop processes and tools to deliver the cost has never been greater. We focus on the key issues to be considered when delivering to cost and suggest general ways and means to approach design to cost. Although the planning and engineering constitute a small percentage of the total project cost, they have a huge influence on the final cost. Such practices as integrating the engineering, procurement and project team, tracking materials quantities, spending more on engineering to save much more on project, and continuously looking for ways to build faster, better, and more cost effectively. Daily interaction between project and design personnel early in the design process helps identify issues early, before design re-work or before project are underway.

How added value services can improve the quality of work and there should be metrics involved i.e. benchmarking for decision making, promotion of best practise, collaboration with high perceived value meeting targets.

  • Team mentoring
  • Problem solving
  • Upto-date on Plan (Quality maintenance of Plan)
  • Giving quality inputs for irrespective of technical delivery challenges.
  • Understanding the program mission/vision as a whole .


Our multidisciplinary team deliver concept studies through to detailed design and implementation. Our expertise - Electrical, fire Safety engineers focus on delivering safe, performance-driven, and cost-effective solutions within heavily regulated industries. Our professional engineers provide expertise in a wide range of areas and applications:

Our multidisciplinary building design team provides architectural services, civil and structural engineering.

An EPC contract is also called a “turnkey” contract because the EPC contractor is responsible for designing, completing and delivering a facility that meets the requirements of the project company. In other words, the project company needs only to “turn a key” to start the facility.

One of the first tasks for a project company is to engage consultants for feasibility studies, initial engineering to define the scope of work, and tendering.